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Pediatric Dentists are the Pediatricians of Dentistry
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Why PandGHopscotch.com?
Well, the P & G are easy. They stand for Drs. Pero and Glinka, the pediatric dentists that kids love to visit. The hopscotch comes from the hopscotch board painted on the sidewalk leading into their building located near
St. Lukes Hospital in Maumee, Ohio.

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Our specialty is pediatric dentistry. Our plan is to introduce dentistry in a pleasant atmosphere. We are prepared to care for your child with a wide range of dental services from birth through the teen years. Children with special needs comprise a special distinction within our practice. With the assistance of dental hygienists, a great portion of our emphasis is on preventive dentistry. We believe preventive dentistry will eliminate or minimize dental problems. Our goal is to see that your child receives the best dental care available.

We encourage active participation between parent, doctor, and child - before, during and after treatment sessions. This provides you with the best possible answers and provides us with information specific to your child.

We welcome you to visit our office, to recommend our office, and to return to our office to see your own pacifier on the special wall.

Thank you,

Dr. Pero, Dr. Glinka, & Dr. Voss
Maumee, Ohio - Near St. Lukes Hospital

We are a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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